Shuttle Service - phone 815-235-RIDE or 815-235-7433


Friends of the Pecatonica River Foundation now have a shuttle service available. We have been working to make Stephenson County a first rate paddling site by offering sites that are desirable to paddle and are very user friendly. We specialize in ease of launch and takeout, as can be experienced at McConnell’s Bobtown Landing and McNeil’s Damascus Landing. Each site has picnic tables and overlook fishing piers. Now a shuttle service is available.


The service, called Pretzel City Area Transit, operates weekdays from 6:00AM until midnight and on Saturday from 6:00AM until 1:00PM. The handicap accessible transportation is available with 48 hour advance appointment by phoning 815-235-RIDE or 815-235-7433. Same-day service is subject to availability.


One factor that affects choice of paddling trips is the difficulty of getting back to the car. The usual solution is to drive two cars and leave one at the take-out. An easier plan would be to unload the boat(s) at the launch site, take the car to the take-out site and have a ride available from Pretzel City Area Transit back to the launch site. You select the pickup time in advance. There is a half hour window for the pickup. Make your plan accordingly. When reaching your takeout, all you need to do is load your boat and head for home. This plan would have transportation of the vehicle earlier in the day and make Saturday paddling an option. On Saturday the preferred plan is to complete the ride before 1 pm, and closer to noon is better.


This plan recognizes the Transit schedule currently used and the 48 hour advanced schedule requirement. The most used launches are: Brewsters Landing near Winslow, McConnell’s Bobtown Landing west of McConnell, McNeil’s Damascus Landing west of Cedarville on Cedarville Rd, and Tutty’s Crossing in Freeport. The fee is $6.00 per person. Have the exact amount, please, as they do not make change. The alternative would be transport at the end of the paddle, which could result in scheduling complications. The assumption of two paddlers leaves one at the boats and is a safer way to paddle.


Joe Ginger, president

Friends of the Pecatonica River Foundation