Paddle The Pecatonica River Water Trail


Trip #2, McConnell Bobtown Landing to McNeil's/Damascus Landing, 7 miles

Trip #1 and Trip #2 can be paddled back-to-back for a 14 mile paddle.

McConnell Bobtown Landing,    295 County Hwy 7, McConnell, Illinois  **
McNeil's/Damascus Landing,    4900 W. Cedarville Road, Lena, Illinois   **
** enter this address into your GPS Road Navigator for easy access.

Trip #2     
Go to my   MAP   for pinpoint location of Landings and Boat Ramps 
Trip #2 is the only Water Trail in the world
that has an EZ dock at the launch and an EZ Dock at the take-out.

EZ Dock launch   You glide off dry-dock onto the water

EZ Dock take-out    You glide off the water onto dry-dock

McConnell Bobtown Landing  to  McNeil's/Damascus Landing

   McConnell Bobtown Landing  is 1/4 mile west of McConnell on West McConnell Road.     The launch / dock site is at the

New Universal Access floating boat dock with EZ Dock for kayaks.

     There is ample off-road parking east and south of the bridge.   

The river channel is easy to follow.
Sit back, relax and enjoy the peace, quiet, and tranquility
of our Pecatonica River.

McNeil's/Damascus Landing, 4900 W. Cedarville Road, Lena, Illinois,

on the Pecatonica River, is about 5 miles east of Lena,
or 3 miles west of Cedarville on West Cedarville Road.  
This park is on the north & west corner of the bridge.

(there are 3 unmarked river bridges on West Cedarville Road).
Starting at Cedarville, from east to west;
Bridge #1 is Cedar Creek
Bridge #2 is Richland Creek
Bridge #3 is Pecatonica River

NEW  launch site on the Pecatonica River
McNeil's/Damascus Landing
McNeil's/Damascus Landing now has an elevated driveway and a 80' X 130' parking lot that is graveled.
The changes are dramatic.      7-22-06,  with  PORT-A-POTTY
NO more muddy feet , no more poison ivy
the floating boat dock has returned
and a NEW, May 2009, CONCRETE BOAT RAMP is here also

on West Cedarville Road, north & west corner of bridge
YES, over night camping is allowed for paddlers only. Picnic tables,
fire pit and grills are all available along with electricity. Happy Camping!

See Camping

printer friendly car shuttle instructions

Car Shuttle             Car Shuttle         (ALL RIGHT-HAND TURNS)        Car Shuttle             Car Shuttle
From:  McConnell Bobtown Landing - PUT-IN
McNeil's/Damascus Landing TAKE-OUT

1.  From the Put-IN, turn right on West McConnell Road, go about 3/4 mile thru McConnell.

2. On the east side of town, turn right at the Fire Station staying on West McConnell Road, go about 3/4 mile.

3. Turn right onto N. Damascus Road, go about 4.3 miles to West Cedarville Road.

4. Turn right onto West Cedarville Road, go about 1/8 mile to McNeil's/Damascus  Landing.

5. The driveway to McNeil's/Damascus Landing will be on the right, just after the Bridge. 


FROM:  McNeil's/Damascus Landing TAKE-OUT
TO:  McConnell Bobtown Landing - PUT-IN

1.  From the TAKE-OUT, turn right on West Cedarville Road, go about 1 mile to Flansburg Road.

2. Turn right onto Flansburg Road, go about 4 miles to West McConnell Road.

3. Turn right onto West
McConnell Road, go about 1/2 mile to McConnell Bobtown Landing.

4. The driveway to
McConnell Bobtown Landing will be on the right, just after the Bridge.

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