Paddle The Pecatonica River Water Trail


Trip #4 - Wes Block Trail Head to Tutty's Crossing is about 6 miles


Trip   #4

Welcome to Wes Block Trailhead

Located at 2636 W. Fairview Road.

It is 6 river miles from Wes Block to Tutty's Crossing.

The Wes Block Trailhead can only be accessed off Illinois Highway 26.
The Trailhead is at the end of West Fairview Road,
about 2 miles west of Illinois Highway 26.

The Jane Addams Trail also runs thru the Wes Block Trailhead.
Follow the road signs on Highway 26 for 'Jane Addams Trail to get to Wes Block.

Go to my   MAP    for pinpoint location of Landings, Boat Ramps, 
river access, and driving directions.

Access to the Pecatonica River is on your left.
The river bank is unsafe concrete rip rap.
The parking lot and restrooms are on your right.


Tutty's Crossing   670 E Stephenson Street, Freeport, Illinois   **
** enter this address into your GPS Road Navigator for easy access.

Welcome to Tutty's Crossing

Tutty's Boat Ramp with Kayak Launch

(close to the famous, 1950-ish, Alber Ice Cream Parlor-no grill on Sunday)
The Parlor is closed in the Winter-time.

(the parlor is 2 blocks west and 2 blocks north of Tutty's Crossing
on Route 75)

Tutty's Crossing is on Illinois Route 75
downtown Freeport on
The Pecatonica River

We have a large, beautiful, paved, parking lot
with nice mowed grass areas.
Access to the river is a Concrete Boat Ramp
with floating boat dock and kayak launch.

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